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Add be lost for words to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Sitting on the fence and turning a corner Everyday idioms in newspapers. Cambridge Dictionary Plus My profile How to Log out.

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Michael Rosen on discovering lost words and finding hidden linguistic connections. A catastrophic event certainly showed Twitter needed something else in addition to the heart as apparently it has proven popular more generally. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. So, what can be done to ensure that we are able to help young people in the UK achieve their linguistic ambitions? This owl doesn't have a jacket, but would like one. This is the British English definition of lost for words. If only we all had more time to stare idly and do nothing.

An Old English word meaning to lie awake anxiously before dawn. Literally translated from the Old English it means the 'dawn-care'. It's similar to insomnia' though more time-specific in that it is a name or noun given to the state of being sleepless.

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A deep red cooking apple. People would often exchange biffins at Christmastime.

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A person who likes to mindlessly stare at anything. If only we all had more time to stare idly and do nothing. The word survives in and around the canal boat community, to this day. An obstinate person who holds on rigidly to a certain set of beliefs even though they are wrong or disproved.

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The term may have been coined by Erasmus. An old Scots word originally used to describe dogs staring longingly at food in order to be given some, but extended to refer to anyone gazing at grub. Stream Latest Popular A - Z.

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Lost for words Nov For the times when you are weak, When things are bad and looking bleak, Know that I am by your side To bear the things you can't abide And every day I sit with you Is another night you'll make it through And every time I hold your hand, I carry the pain you cannot stand For the times when I feel weak, When muscles ache and eyeballs leak, I know that I am held aloft By a hundred hearts and hands so soft When everything seems to be going wrong The love of friends will keep me strong And whatever life throws we will take it Because I know together we can make it.

Continue reading Lost for words Jun Baby Wait. Sterilising bottles and benches and bowls Gaining those precious protective pounds Awakening to those unmistakable sounds Washing and folding and wiping and feeding All the work that comes with breeding And now the sun sets on that part of my life Never a mother, only a wife For all those hopes that didn't make it Bun in the oven but unable to bake it Trying not to envy and regret and hate But I just can't shift the baby wait