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Pictured project by oddlief. Pictured project by knitforewe. Fortunately, so was Luciana Young who recreated the hat for all of us. Pattern includes two alternate decreases. Pictured project by Elle Pictured project by dovenest. Great unisex hat and fast knitting project. Pictured project by Snooks Pictured project by jcap. Renee Sparkes replicated the hood hat worn by Lyra in the Golden Compass movie for sizes from preschooler to adult. Quick knit in super bulky yarn, the hat only takes a couple of hours to knit.

Pictured project by kaskadia. Get the free knitting pattern. Sizes Small and Large.

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Aran weight yarn. One of the patterns in Geek Knits. Designed by Joan of Dark aka Toni Carr.

Crochet Baby Cocoon For Newborn, Mermaid Blanket Kids ᴴᴰ █▬█🔴▀█▀

This is the original pattern that costume designer Lulu Bee created for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World. She says it takes about 12 hours to knit and is suitable for beginners.

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Pansy Garden Afghan, 57" x 78". We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Many a time and oft has she startled the burly old Baron, by suddenly confronting him as he was crossing the corridors, with perhaps rather an unsteady step, and standing before him, signing the cross and muttering rapid prayers. Flag for inappropriate content. Anamim emilia bibl.

For my special day, I wanted a cake entirely to my liking. I cut the sugar in the original recipe in half. But I compensated for the sweet taste with lots of raspberries and blueberries. Everyone in my family liked the cake.

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Baby Pilgrim Crochet Pattern Cocoon and Hat Set - Kindle edition by Sandy's Cape Cod Originals. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Baby Pilgrim Crochet Pattern Cocoon and Hat Set PDF $, via Etsy.

Even my dad, who doesn't give out praise easily, complemented my baking. I snapped this photo with my phone, so it's not of a good quality. I forgot to take a better picture later one. I received lots of warm wishes and wonderful presents on my special day. I got fresh cut flowers, potted tulips, which I'm going to replant in my garden, a gorgeous orchid I hope I'll be able to take a good care of it , a lovely bonsai lemon cypress tree, which smells incredible, and a beautiful hand-crafted tissue box cover.

My dear friend Valentina decoupaged it for me. Such a beautiful and delicate work. It had been a wonderful birthday! My family and friends made me feel truly special. Posted by Olga Poltava at AM 33 comments. After crocheting, my greatest hobby is gardening. I always get very excited whenever a new bloom comes out in my tiny garden. I also grow my own vegetables and herbs.

A few years ago, at a local park I collected seeds from the wild-growing Blue Nigella flowers. I scattered them in my front yard the following spring, and I got abundant blooms. Here are a couple of pictures from that year. The next year, the flowers reseeded themselves, and again I had some beautiful blooms.

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I still get my Blue Nigella every spring, but they are not as abundant. I think I'll need to collect some seeds again. I was inspired by my Blue Nigella to make a blue bookmark. It's similar to the other three bookmarks I've made this spring. Just a simple lace rectangle. Thank you for your support. Posted by Olga Poltava at AM 15 comments.

I made this doily following a vintage pattern from Pineapple Pageant Book No. I'm trying to use up every small amount of yarn and thread that I have. So I used leftover dark purple crochet cotton thread size ten. Unfortunately I didn't have enough, so I finished my doily with a lilac color thread.

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My doily measures 10 inches in diameter. I used 1. The flowers in these photos are from my Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow shrub Brunfelsia Pauciflora , which is in full bloom right now. The flowers start dark purple, then change color to lilac, and eventually white, resulting in a beautiful display of flowers in three colors. Starting at center, ch Join with sl st to form ring. Sl st in top of ch Join last ch-4 with sl st to tip of first cluster. Join and break off. Starch lightly and press. Posted by Olga Poltava at AM 16 comments.

Handsome she must have been, and stately, but of a certain age, much given to prophesy, without being at all particular as to hurting other people's feelings. The probabilities are, that she made herself extremely disagreeable at home; but whatever her faults may have been, it was a strong measure to turn the poor spinster out into the dark and cold of a winter's evening. The exposure affected her health and appearance to such a degree, that although she found a shelter from the weather in Delaware Castle before twenty-four hours had passed over her head she was never the same person again.

Instead of being voluble, she was silent; her bustling activity gave place to slow and stately movements, which formerly were only assumed on the occasion of high festivals, but now were her only gait.

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Doubtless the poor lady dated her rheumatism from that night's houseless misery, but she never dreamt of acknowledging her sufferings, and took refuge in these deliberate, slow steps, to conceal her altered health. Almost the first request she made when she came to herself, under the influence of Delaware hospitality, was to be furnished with suitable attire, for her own garments were sadly draggled and torn during her wanderings.

The Baron of Delaware was no niggard, and his dame and her daughters had chests of brave kirtles and wimples and feminine finery stowed away safely.

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From these hoards, Dame Alicia was arranged in apparel suitable to her rank and upbringing, and she was clad in borrowed plumes during the short remainder of her life. Never was a loan so richly repaid; everything prospered about Delaware from that time forth; all went well, from the alliances of its fair daughters and stalwart sons, down to the increase of the flocks and herds.

No unscrupulous neighbour troubled its home; no greedy or needy sovereign pounced upon its hoarded wealth. Dame Alicia blessed it from the weathercock on the tower down to the lowest dungeon; she could not have been a bad old woman, to be so grateful for what, after all, was an act of the commonest charity in taking her in, but grateful she certainly appeared.

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It was not her way to speak much, unless, indeed, when her temper used to get the better of her; but she never ceased praying for her benefactors. One unpleasant peculiarity she possessed, and that was of silently gliding out of her room, whenever she heard any of the family passing, and appearing in the hall with upraised hand, signing the holy sign, and murmuring a Latin invocation of all good gifts. Many a time and oft has she startled the burly old Baron, by suddenly confronting him as he was crossing the corridors, with perhaps rather an unsteady step, and standing before him, signing the cross and muttering rapid prayers.

The old gentleman did not quite like this mode of showing gratitude, and indeed it must have been somewhat trying to his nerves. As for the house-maidens, they would not have gone through that hall, except when the bright sunlight was streaming into it through the open door, for all the wealth of the Castle.

They came in for blessings too, which the silly wenches dreaded as much as if they had been the most bitter maledictions; and in spite of Dame Alicia's earnest and unceasing prayers for the welfare of all under the roof which had succoured her in her utmost need, it was a relief to everyone when the poor, ill-used old woman made a most edifying end, and was laid in a vault in the old chapel, with every holy rite and observance.

The room which she had occupied during her stay in the Castle, was the one that is now called the armoury, but was then used as an entrance hall.

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When the poor lady had been borne in there, three years before, by the Baron's strong arms, it was only a sort of withdrawing chamber, and on its rush-strewn floor she had then been laid whilst a pallet was hastily prepared by the women of the household. For three days and three nights the patient had raved and tossed and moaned, but that sickness seemed to have purged her violent temper out of her, for she never alluded to her kinsmen's ill-treatment; and when she recovered a measure of health and strength, she prayed to be allowed to live and die in the spot where she had so painfully struggled back to existence.

In this chamber, called now the Dame's room, she died peacefully, with kind faces and tender pitiful hearts around her at the last. The day before her death, she whispered to the Baron, "Nor scaith nor harm from fire or water shall ever touch these walls. Certainly, the thickness of the stone walls may have something to do with it; but we, in these parts, firmly believe that Dame Alicia's benison is your true fire-annihilator.