Cruel Miracles (Maps in a Mirror)

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This fourth volume in Orson Scott Card's five-volume anthology of short stories features tales with religious themes, exploring the mysteries of ritual, sacrifice, faith, and death. Eye for EyeAn abused child has the gift of creating illness and death in those he is angry at. Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novella in KingsmeatWhen flesh-eating aliens take over a human colony world, one human forestalls total doom by feeding them non-essential bits of his fellow colonists.

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Cruel Miracles (Maps in a Mirror Series #3)

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Ender in Exile is in essence a novel-length expansion and reworking of the final chapter of the original Ender's Game but also includes a coda to the later Ender: Shadow sequence, of which more below.

The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card

Cruel Miracles book. Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A collection of science fiction tales includes An Eye for an Eye, as. Cruel Miracles book. Read 21 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A collection of science fiction tales includes An Eye for an Eye, as.

As the sequence begins, Ender Wiggin is a young boy who, along with his siblings, is the result of an experiment in Eugenics authorized by the government of Earth, which is apprehensive that the Alien "buggers" will return from interstellar space and continue what seems a xenocidal assault upon humanity, and is convinced that only humans with superior abilities will be capable of defeating the foe. Ender is taken to a military academy for gifted Children , where he is subjected in the Battle Room to an escalating sequence of challenges to his extraordinary tactical and strategic abilities; eventually, at what seems to be a final game see Games and Sports ; the tale does here prefigure much of the Virtual-Reality imagery brought to the fore in the s by writers under the influence of Cyberpunk , Ender defeats the "imaginary" foe only to find that via instantaneous Ansible communication he has in fact been commanding genuine human space-fleets at the ends of their long journeys into enemy territory, and that by winning absolutely he has committed xenocide on behalf of the human race.

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This first Ender novel was filmed — reasonably faithfully, though with some cuts — as Ender's Game When it is discovered that the buggers had long comprehended that humans were sentient beings and had had no intention of continuing any conflict, the grounds for Speaker for the Dead are laid. In the company of his chaste sister his demagogic brother meanwhile takes over the government of Earth , and carrying a cocooned bugger Hive Queen the last of all her race , Ender travels from star to star for thousands of planetary years prior to Faster Than Light developments in Xenocide , Card, unusually, obeys Einsteinian constraints on interstellar travel if not on Communications as a Speaker for the Dead, a person who sums up a dead person's life in a terminal ceremony, and by so doing heals the community of his or her death.

The action takes place on the planet Lusitania, and concentrates upon the local alien race, the Pequeninos, whose strange Biology is not yet understood and whose unravelling is fascinatingly prolonged. The novel concludes with the Pequeninos seemingly understood, the Hive Queen happy in a cave where she will breed new buggers, and Ender seeming to have expiated xenocide and become a messiah; but the human Galactic Federation is preparing to destroy Lusitania for fear of a deadly plague.

The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 1984-1998

Xenocide carries the plot onwards, though not to a conclusion, introducing many new characters, including a talkative AI in love with Ender; Children of the Mind moves so far into extrapolative extremes as to lose touch with the Ender who began the sequence. The later storylines are much complicated by Card's attempt, not fully successful, to envision a family complex and engaging enough for Ender to transform and in some sense inhabit convincingly.

Publication: Cruels miracles: Contes de la mort, l'espoir et la sainteté

His frequent recourse to Pulp -magazine-style highlighting of eccentricities, to distinguish one sibling from another, grows thin in the reading; nor is his depiction of a Chinese world — run by Mutants dominated by artificially induced obsessive-compulsive disorders — fully convincing. But even in its abstracter later passages, and despite its not infrequent dependence upon trivializing tricks of plot, the Ender saga stands as one of the very few serious moral tales set among the stars.

At the same time, Card may well have felt that he had distanced himself and his readers too far from the highly vivid origins of his long tale, and in the Ender: Shadow sequence — comprising Ender's Shadow: Book One of the Shadow Trilogy , Shadow of the Hegemon , Shadow Puppets , Shadow of the Giant and Shadows in Flight — he focuses on young Bean, who originally "shadowed" Ender during their mutual schooling, and whose own strategic genius, which manifests as an extraordinary sense of place, makes him the natural complement and potential rival of Ender.

Maps In A Mirror

The series deals with his self-discovery as a victim of Genetic Engineering that gave him brilliance but will kill him with progressive giantism and the impact of his and Ender's erstwhile teammates' deployment of their only slightly lesser skills as rival military leaders on Earth. Though this secondary sequence is necessarily a shadow of the first in more ways than one, it has been executed with panache and skill; and, in the end, seems integral to the whole.

Maps in a Mirror (Legend Books)

The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Card has written many other stand-alone sf and fantasy novels, as well as movie tie-ins and games, and publishes an internet-based science fiction and fantasy magazine, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. By including shipping in the price, the buyer receives more eBay Bucks, which are not given for shipping charges, so please make realistic offers. Learn more. Howard went into the toilet stall and saw nobody.

Revisions to the original scenario include the renaming of the destroyed buggers — always a somewhat embarrassing term — as the "formics"; this is backdated to the early days of the saga in Ender in Exile , whose later action references and apparently concludes the Ender: Shadow series, and used throughout the film Ender's Game. It seems to come as close as humanly possible to the telling of an sf tale as Mormon parable, for the life of Alvin Maker clearly encodes the life of Joseph Smith , the founder of the Mormon Church. The early nineteenth-century USA in which he grows up has never experienced a Revolution; certain forms of Magic are efficacious; and Alvin may become a Maker, one who can delve to the heart of things and transform them and engender belief in the transformations he governs.

  1. L as in Love (Book Two).
  2. The Crusader (Crusader series Book 1)!
  3. BagMan (Underworld Chronicles).

As the sequence progresses, the Indian Nations set up a demarcation line, which is observed, along the Mississippi; and Alvin moves closer to the status of Maker, whose nature is more complex than he had dreamed. Of greater sf relevance are Wyrms , another rite-of-passage tale about the assumption of role and set on a planet of some interest, The Folk of the Fringe coll of linked stories , a moderately heterodox vision of a Mormon Post-Holocaust civilization; The Abyss , which very effectively novelizes The Abyss ; and Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus , involving study and modification of the past using a Time Viewer.

Card's fourth main sequence is the Homecoming epic, comprising The Memory of Earth , The Call of Earth , The Ships of Earth — the first three volumes being assembled as Homecoming: Harmony omni — followed by Earthfall and Earthborn — the last two volumes being assembled as Homecoming: Earth omni In its use of religious motifs to characterize the start of its protagonists' return to Earth 40 million years after the last humans had left their home planet, this latter is a tale whose Mormon subtext extends very close to the surface.

By the mid s, Card had written enough work for a lifetime, had transformed Pulp idioms into religious myth with an intensity not previously witnessed in the sf field, and had created a dozen worlds it would be impossible for any reader to forget. If he has had a significant failing — beyond a cruel insistence upon the moral strictures of his faith, writing at one point that adultery and homosexuality were equal and dreadful sins — it resides in his strengths; and if the work of the past decade or so has lessened in intensity, it may be that he has already comprehensively laid down his mission.

The surety of faith, the muscle of a honed storytelling urgency which has led him to write at times as though he genuinely believed that clarity and truth were identical, the bruising triumphalism of sf as a mode of knowing: all have led this extraordinarily talented author to sound, on occasion, as though he thought the fictions he wrote were scooped from the mouth of a higher being, an impression harshened in the late Empire sequence comprising Empire and Hidden Empire , where political agendas of the Right in America — previously couched novelistically in his work — were conspicuously advocated in the recounting of an attempted Left-wing coup against America, initiated by the occupation of New York with the aid of viciously-wielded Mecha ; and of the new Civil War that begins with inspired resistance from the inner homeland of America.

The sequence is apparently based on an unreleased Videogame , and reflects an increasing obduracy about political and sexual issues that some readers and critics have found untoward. About us Contact.