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Now was a time for faith and courage.

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This book began as a series of letters written for women facing the most challenging circumstances of their lives. My spiritual sister, Vanessa Howard, was planning an event to celebrate cancer survivors. She called saying she wanted to bless the women with a makeover, a luncheon, and personalized gift baskets to take away. She prayed for God's guidance and This is not just another diet book.

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This is a road map to finding the healthiest, fittest you. In this book, you will find step by step instructions to changing your nutrition, exercise program, and mind-set for the ultimate body transformation available.

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The Skogg Sixty-Day Challenge has hundreds of success stories worldwide and the only thing missin How can Magi move on with her life now that her husband is suddenly removed from it? How can she convince her children that the strength she draws from God will not diminish though they have an uncertain future? Magi has many decisions to make, not the least of which is to give in to fear or give all to God.

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If she does trust Him completely, where will He ta We all search for ways to escape pain. Laura, a slave living in the nineteenth century, knows this better than anyone. Her owner promises any of his female servants freedom if she gives birth to fifteen healthy slaves. The suffering that Laura endures makes this proposal all the more enticing, but she must not allow her desire for freedom to betray her own c That proves God is real, using mathematics and fulfilled prophecy; tha Patricia Braun finds herself putting her past behind her and setting off for her future, a future that included a home of her own where she was mistress of her own course in life.

However, when she returns to her beloved Evergreen after being sent to a preparatory school that taught her very little in the way of education, she finds her life not at all as sh In this book the author describes the situations, the challenges, and how she was able to overcome them through divine support and encouragement. The author shares the one thing that enabled her to face various difficult life challenges and move through them. Her challenges involved something that most people have faced at one time or another in their lives Somewhere in the very far future, mankind has gone through two more world wars and come out of those with one superpower wielded by one leader.

But the earth has suffered the devastating effects of those wars upon the flora, fauna, and landscape; and it is now struggling to survive. The population is currently living hand-to-mouth on government handouts for Abuse, whether emotional or physical, wounds deeply leaving scars. This story shares the common journey of those who are victims of sexual abuse—the conflicting feelings, confusing thoughts, and silent struggles to accept their worth and reject the blame. It is the story of a boy and his Christmas gift and how that gift influenced the lives of all those with whom he came in contact.

Chris thought that Pepper was just a puppy, but as time passed, Chris realized that he was much, much Vulnerable journal entries and rich biblical teaching are artfully interwoven to reveal how I was transformed from a lost girl to the daughter of a King, how I endured many trials, and ultimately came to a place of restoration. My story is full of unexpected ext What was it like when God made the world?

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Was it dark or was it light? Did he create everything in one day?

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We are created in the image and likeness of God and that influences our responsibility to our Creator. But what is a black hole? Do you desire an intimate relationship with God but struggle with questions about God's goodness? Finally, convinced that he was selected for this missio What an upset! In the meantime, she was picked up by this character named Annie who was using her by placing her in a brothel and taking her money while he went to school.

Share this story before you kiss your little one good night. This rhyming rendition of the story of creation encourages children to learn and appreciate God and his works in a fun and exciting way Silent Songs of Nursing, through short stories about the nurse-patient relationship, depict an authentic compassion for patients through the simple art of caring. These simple and heartfelt stories depict the vulnerability of patients in a healthcare institution and a nurse's journey to reach out and touch humanity.

While carrying out her life's purpose, the Remembering keeps us thanking and praising God as we get to know Him better so that we can live a life abiding in Him and full of gratitude and praise. One God or one with several forms?

Or maybe two, three, or perhaps many separate Gods? Which, if any, is right? Which view does the Bible support? And if it su Thomas J. Joyce is a journalist, a reporter, and columnist for the Long Island Sentinel. In November , at his home, he is visited by the Blessed Mother who asks for his help in convincing the world to stop taking in vain the name of her divine son.

For a while, Thomas doesn't know what to do. Finally, convinced that he was selected for this missio Life is full of ups and downs for all of us. This is no different for Kate Dahl and her family. Her parents had a rocky marriage, which led to heartache and worry in her young life. She went away to college on her own with all the worries and fear that come with it.

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Next, with three days' notice, she got a job teaching school, and off she went to start this The townspeople of Bendsville, which is anywhere, everywhere, just around the bend there, live their days planning and working. They are too busy to enjoy nature or a sunset. When anything goes wrong, they blame it on the sun. Then one day a storm crashes down on the city. As the storm worsens, the people in the city stop complaining and blaming the sun Also, he feels very protective of a single mother and her two little girls.

From Gangs to Grace and Grace Unfolded are an inspirational testimony of God's grace in seemingly impossible circumstances. Eddie Banales began as a young gangbanger, running wild through the streets of Pomona, California, during a time when violence and death were the norm. Biblical interpretation of the Abrahamic Covenants and his descendants often present a bias against the Arabs and Ishmaelites perhaps due to lack of full knowledge of God's covenantal promises and blessings to humanity.

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Cherian presents clear evidences that God has no partiality and that Jews, Christians, Arabs, Muslims, Hindus and all people are equall What could a grumpy pig have against a kind gentle horse? Is Gracious' heart big enough to forgive? Welcome to Zettlemeyer Farms, where the animals speak, think, and feel!

Gracious is a kind and gentle horse that is always thinking of others. Piggy is a selfish, ungrateful pig who is always wanting what others have.

21 poems to share with children

When the gossiping crows bring the Needing to retrieve what I was permitting to waste away, the Lord gave me instructions on how t With beautiful original artwork and evocative use of metaphor, the author has created a parable. Having been inspired by the spirituality of children, he describes something of his own understanding of prayer, praise, and healing, implicitly inviting readers to consider how they might express their own response to the divine.

What will happen to Little Bird when she leaves her freedom of the sunflower fields full of ripe seeds? A higher power directs this little creature to learn the heart of a lonely, elderly woman. Are friendship and love enough to keep them together, or will their bond kindle the jealousy of the woman's family to separate them?

When we first marry, all seems great. We are in love and think the strong feeling will last forever. One day, issues will surface. Who is right? How does one cope? Poor Thing tells the story of a little boy and another little boy that becomes his best friend. It shows how both overcome significant problems and drawbacks and the significance and help their friendship was to both boys. The artwork I have done for the story is incidental to the story, which is intended to make the reader ponder the relation This book is about the author's journey with God.

Ceci talks about how a life of an ordinary person can be highlighted with extraordinary experiences just by allowing God to come into our lives and hearts. This relationship with God is special and, in certain ways, unique to her. Her purpose in writing this book is to engage the reader in her life adventure After forgiveness, what mankind needs most is encouragement, and there is no place where hope can be found like the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

In Hopeful Messages from the Bible, Rich Holland shares the encouraging message of God's love, redemption, and provision offered to everyone who knows loss, sin, and disappointment. Growing up with little ch In , the Cold War was getting warmer.

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Cuba was the revolutionary fuel that made it hot. When Fidel Castro took power, he promised free elections, but instead, he became the country's new dictator, and a communist one at that.

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Grandpa: This short book was coaxed out of my head by grandkids who wanted to hear some stories. I put them in poetry form, added a moral quiz to each one. Grandpa's Story-Poems & Grandkid's Illustrate It Yourself Book - Kindle edition by Sheldon Cohen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC.

The book gives clear declaration of names and personalities of what-is-in-a-name-election, personalities God has purposefully chosen and transformed in status as a reflection of the amazing things He has established in their life and destiny. Their standing may lead to a new name, a new beginning, or a new direction driven by the person's purposes in We have learned to keep score on just about everything.