Hey God, Is It Too Much to Ask

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I was so relieved, and the hurt inside started to leave me. I thank God for this because I know He had everything to do with it.

My grandpa is gone now, and that is something I have to live with every day of my life. But I know now that everything happens for a reason. I also know now that God is there to talk to always. He listens to everyone. I pray several times a day. I always have. I don't exactly know why, but it comforts me when I talk to God because I know He's always listening. He knows what is best for me, so I have to trust that He'll make the right decision for me.

I remember a little while ago there was a party that I really wanted to be invited to. I prayed and prayed for God to let me be invited, but I wasn't.

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I was angry for a while—even a little at God because I felt like He didn't answer my prayer. The day after the party, I heard that drugs and alcohol were being used there all night long. And whether they wanted to or not, everyone had taken part in some way. Later that night at the party, the cops came and busted everyone.

A few people were even taken to juvenile hall. Then I realized that God hadn't answered my prayer for a reason. He protected me. Sometimes when I feel like life is weighing me down, I pray. I take it to the Lord.

To me, prayer is just like talking to my father. In fact, He wants you to talk to Him. When I pray, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. One of the many prayers God has answered for me is when He delivered my mom from drugs. Ever since I could remember, my parents would be fighting, or my mom would move out for a while and stay with her friends. As a matter of fact, I can remember an instance when we were standing in the kitchen, and my dad held my hands.

Hey God, Is It Too Much To Ask

That was seven years ago, and we are only now beginning to see the benefit of our prayers. So, when you talk to God, you need to be patient. And even when prayers are answered, we still need to pray to God and thank Him for everything. They can refer you to support services for family members of addicts.

She had drifted into a coma and depended on a respirator to breathe. She was bleeding internally, and her blood pressure had dropped so low that the doctors had called the family together to prepare them for the inevitable. At that point, there was no hope for recovery. You have to do it now! Once home, Laura left her dad sobbing on the couch while she went upstairs to gather bedding. On the way upstairs, she took a book full of prayers and scripture verses from the bookshelf. She entered her bedroom and then crumbled to the floor as desperate tears poured from her eyes.

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Feeling distraught and alone, she prayed to God. God, have You abandoned me? Where are You?

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Hey God, Is It Too Much to Ask [Dale Campfield] on gelehurvi.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I have been in the full-time vocational ministry since I. Hey God, Is It Too Much to Ask book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. “I have been in the full-time vocational ministry.

If You are going to take my mother, give me something to let me know that You are real, that You can hear me. At that point, Laura opened her book to a random page, and the words leapt off the paper and filled her heart with peace. I am with you. Trust me. She said that all the fear and hopelessness she had felt when she came upstairs extraordinarily vanished into an overwhelming sense of calm. In fact, Laura said she felt bathed in peace.

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You get a man who is trying to fit a mold instead of being his true self. Men commit the highest evils — they kill, cheat, steal, slaughter, or rape other people and know better. She had tried to stay in control, and she told God what she thought should happen, rather than surrendering her problems to Him. But that is another story. I do not want my mother to die yet! I probably be able to eventually deal with the menopause but the odor is embarrassing. Thank you so much for writing this.

Laura went directly downstairs and hugged her heartbroken father. The Holy Spirit had touched her heart. God had answered her prayer. Laura believed like she had never believed before. They had only been gone an hour when they arrived back at the hospital. Laura ran down the hall to tell her father.

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Knowing that he had to prepare his daughter, he told her that he knew she felt hopeful, but they still had to anticipate the unavoidable fact that her mother would die. But Laura knew that her mom would live. And she did! In the days to follow, they were able to take her mom off the respirator as she came out of her coma and began to breathe on her own.

Prayer is an awesome concept. Can we really talk to God? Does He actually listen? Can He truly answer? I know that many teens, as well as adults, struggle with the immensity of prayer.

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I actually used to believe that you had to be especially worthy for prayer to really work. He can say anything and make it majestic. Titty sprinkles. It was hard as hell to find it but I did. Bigfoot says that if Bigfoot ever came out of hiding, humans would immediately put Bigfoot in a zoo behind bars. GOD: Hell if I know!

I told humans a long time ago not to kill, but do they listen? No, they form stupid governments and make shitty laws. GOD: Definitely! I work out all the time. GOD: Okay, are you ready to have your mind blown? I was about ready to give up.