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Davidson also details the major operating differences between taxi services and ridesharing and the core failures in the progressive and corporate arguments against the wonderfully innovative companies that will now be dropping riders off at the Travis county line. Take a look at Mr. John Daniel Davidson.

Debate on Libertarianism and Conservatism

May 7, Philip Van Cleave , President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, speaks about the recent successes and challenges faced by gun owners from Virginia and those visiting our Commonwealth. Gun rights advocates also had several successes in the legislative session although Gov. McAuliffe seems to be a bit happy with the veto pen.

These include the reversal of the second ID rule, as well as support for the freedoms of the increasing number of people who love the semiautomatic sporting rifle, among others.

Stoicism for Modern Stresses: 5 Lessons from Cato

Philip Van Cleave, Pt. State and local government attorneys seem to have all the resources they need to persecute unwitting gun owners, but regular citizens are left holding the proverbial bag afterwards, as always. Why are gun owners so much safer from government intervention in the more rural counties?

Libertarian Writer and Speaker David Ramsay Steele Wins 2017 Szasz Civil Liberties Award

Dick M. Delegate Rob Bell. April 17, , Daily Pennsylvanian, Center encourages people to embrace power of positive thinking. The Founders established the Electoral College to prevent candidates from ignoring rural areas. Budapest , Kingdom of Hungary. Jeffrey Utsch, pt. Back by popular demand, Jim Bovard , author of Attention Deficit Democracy , engages in a wide-ranging discussion of the IRS as a tool of both Democrats and Republicans to repress political opponents, unemployment benefits, welfare fraud, food stamps, and other gifts from the progressive movement.

Can Northern Virginia continue to be a safe place to live if no one there is armed? Does the infeasibility, and potential hazard, of progressive gun tracing and collection schemes warrant an end to the gun control debate? With nearly million privately owned guns and an estimated 12 trillion rounds of ammunition enough to shoot a million rounds every day for nearly years , maybe we can feel safe in the statistical improbability that even the UN can affect any real change in the 2nd Amendment.

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Lenden Eakin, Pt. April 30, Adam B. Schaeffer, Ph.

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The bill was introduced by Delegate Dave LaRock at the beginning of the session. Of course, he did not bother with the reality that the money is ours, and homeschoolers and private schools consistently do more with less. Schaeffer also clarifies the importance of school choice, the often absurd spending of the public school systems, and those demographics who will benefit the most when it is enacted.

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Is there a reason public schools require so much more money per child when they accomplish so little? Does Gov. Who is the Governor truly representing: the special interests who support him politically or the inner city children of limited means who are still trapped in a subpar public school system? Why are Virginia Republicans so afraid to stand for parental choice that they emasculate education reform in committee?

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Congressman Dave Brat, Ph. It frankly begs the question: under what rock has the second party in our two party system been hiding. March 12, Tim Kane, Ph. Augusta County has a balance of trade deficit with Albemarle County. Should we be concerned? Virginia has a balance of trade deficit with Texas. Should we put a tariff on goods coming in from Texas? How many Americans realize that the United States has never manufactured more than it is manufacturing today? How many Americans understand that for the first time in our history the debt of the United States is larger than the GDP?

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Yes, it is obviously true that we have an underperforming economy in the U. Is that caused by foreigners, particularly the Chinese, or by our own federal and state governments? Ed Feulner, Ph. Reagan in , and remained in close contact through the years. To her husband, she was more than a helpmate; she was his soulmate — always at his side, always supportive and always protective of him and, later, of his legacy.

The Reagans took it upon themselves to not only set an example, but a tone with the overarching goal of creating an atmosphere in which people could attain their highest potential. March 5, In the last seven years, the United States has changed its allegiances in the Middle East. Why were stable countries ruled by compliant allies e.

Del Rosso attributes this to people who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood now being in influential and, in some cases, senior positions in the U. Political correctness prevents us from even identifying our enemies and, with no one willing to hold an executive branch in check, we have gone so far as to illegally arm al Qaeda.

The Thomas S. Szasz Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Cause of Civil Liberties

Mental Health and the Law (Cato Unbound Book ) - Kindle edition by Jacob Sullum, Amanda Pustilnik, Jeffrey A. Schaler, Allen Frances, Jason Kuznicki. We all know that reading Mental Health And The Law Cato Unbound Book is very useful because we can easily get a lot of information in the book.

Michael Del Rosso, pt. Paul D. Miller, Ph. He served as director for Afghanistan and Pakistan on the National Security Council staff from through September He also worked as an analyst in the Central Intelligence Agency's Office of South Asian Analysis, and served in Afghanistan as a military intelligence analyst with the U.

On the other hand, the Republican nominee will likely be [wait for it] a New York liberal. Miller believes a Trump presidency could be a threat to the culture of a free and open society. Having expressed open admiration for dictators and autocrats who rule by strength of will, Trump has spoken favorably of Putin, Mussolini, and how the Chinese crushed the Tiananmen Square uprising. Ignoring, or possibly unaware of the First Amendment to the Constitution, Trump has said people ought to be allowed to sue the media for unfavorable coverage.

He has publicly praised violence. Unfortunately, reality is beginning to assert itself in ways neither candidate shows a willingness to address.

A Clinical Reality Check

For example, we can solve our current debt crisis now, or wait for fiscal discipline to be imposed on us when others stop buying our debt. Perhaps a member of our crack media should ask both candidates a question or two in this regard. February 27, Most recently, Jennifer McCloud, owner of Chrysalis Vineyards, had to go to court against Wetlands America Trust, the holder of a conservation easement on the property where the vineyard is located, when she wanted to construct a farm building that would contain a creamery, bakery, and tasting room.

Kevin also discusses the status of the right to work movement nationally. Today, 26 states are right to work, with four states becoming so in just the last four years. Should the Commonwealth of Virginia be working to enshrine right to work in its Constitution? Kevin Mooney, pt. Hans von Spakowsky, J. The Founders established the Electoral College to prevent candidates from ignoring rural areas. Going to a system based upon the national popular vote would create an incentive for candidates to focus almost exclusively on a handful of population centers when campaigning to the exclusion of everyone else.

Also, an election based upon the national popular vote would create an enormous incentive for voter fraud. Apparently, the deaths caused by this illegal activity were supposed to make the case for increased regulation of guns in the United States. Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to Fast and Furious, and subsequently the Obama administration attempted to keep the documents from becoming public by claiming executive privilege.

However, a federal judge has ruled that executive privilege does not apply to many of the documents and has ordered they be made public. This should begin in April. Are mug shots and orange jump suits in the future of former high government officials? February 20, Ryan Mauro , professor of Homeland Security at Liberty University and national security analyst at the Clarion Project, states there is widespread cooperation between the Muslim community in the U. He particularly stresses the role informants have played in stopping many terrorist events before they happened.

Professor Mauro believes there needs to be an embrace in the American Muslim community of reform that would bring Islam into modernity.