Performance in Preaching (Engaging Worship): Bringing the Sermon to Life

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The things that make God glad are the measures of His greatness. Christ and the cross. Choosing His people and bruising His Son. Creating the world and revealing His worth. The gladness of His people in the greatness of His glory. From the practice of preparation to learning to choose subjects wisely, this book offers brings you a preaching education from one of the most trusted and effective voices in ministry. This newly revised edition is an essential guide for preachers who want to stir the embers of revival.

Piper focuses his study on the example of Jonathan Edwards as an illustration of a leader who submitted to God. God doesn't demand hectic church programs and frenetic schedules; he only wants his people to know him more intimately, says top-selling author D. The apostle Paul found that spiritual closeness in his own fellowship with the Father.

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By following Paul's example, we can do the same. This book calls believers to reject superficiality and revolutionize their lives by embracing a God-guided approach to prayer.

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After the resignation in of their pastor, the mixed congregation of the Portsmouth, Virginia, Baptist Church "employed Josiah or Jacob Bishop, a black man of considerable talents to preach for them. Email someone my wishlist. Your email address. Kelly M. Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours.

Previously published as A Call to Spiritual Reformation , this book has now been updated to connect more effectively with contemporary listeners. Institutes of the Christian Religion is John Calvin's seminal work on Protestant systematic theology.

Highly influential in the Western world and still widely read by theological students today, it was published in Latin in and in his native French in The book serves as an introductory textbook on the Protestant faith for those with some previous knowledge of theology and covers a broad range of theological topics from the doctrines of church and sacraments to justification by faith alone and Christian liberty.

Written by John Owen, one of the best known of the Puritans. In The Mortification of Sin , John Owen insisted on the importance of the Christian dealing effectively with their sinful tendencies and attitudes. He believed that God, through his Word and Spirit, had provided the guidelines and the power for this to be achieved. Owen effectively dismisses various excuses for not engaging in self scrutiny and yet avoids the current trend of self absorption. Grasping God's Word has proven itself in classrooms across the country as an invaluable help to listeners who want to learn how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible for themselves.

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The third edition, revised based on feedback from professors, continues to serve anyone in their quest to gain a firm grasp on the rock of God's word. Old Testament scholar J. Daniel Hays and New Testament expert J. Scott Duvall provide practical hands-on exercises to guide listeners through the interpretive process.

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In this definitive and long-awaited biography, Jonathan Edwards emerges as both a great American and a brilliant Christian. George Marsden evokes the world of colonial New England in which Edwards was reared - a frontier civilization at the center of a conflict between Native Americans, French Catholics, and English Protestants.

Drawing on newly available sources, Marsden demonstrates how these cultural and religious battles shaped Edwards' life and thought. In this revised edition of a formerly four-volume work, James Boice provides an overview of all the major doctrines of Christian theology in one volume. Boice carefully opens the topics like the nature of God, the character of his natural and special revelation, the fall, and the person and work of Christ with scholarly rigor and a pastor's heart.

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