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He visits Professor Nummedal in Oslo, who has aerial photographs vital to the search. But Nummedal insists on dragging him through the streets in search of a particular delicacy. What was the dish that lured the professor? Collinson is better known for his book describing his adventures in the Solomon Islands. What was that book?

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It was adopted as his nom de plume by a German novelist about a century ago. Which of his novels was this?

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We're free! What language was it dubbed into? John Banville 1 Who doubted he would be heard by the angelic orders? Mary Beard 1 Immortalised by Shakespeare, which Roman festival involved naked men rushing through the streets of Rome with a little flagellation en route?

The Big Fat Quiz Of The 90s (23rd September 2012)

Helen Dunmore 1 In which story does the narrator feel "a little brushing kiss" against his palm, and know that the ghost of his dead child is hiding behind his chair? David Hare 1 Which film actor said: "A party isn't a party without a drunken bitch in tears"? Robert Harris Margaret Thatcher has made frequent guest appearances in novels in the past 40 years.

Name the novels from which these three appearances are taken: 1 "[Sir Sidney Ryden] wondered if madam would be a more suitable form of address or perhaps ma'am, as one called the Queen. While GMAC changes their exam as little as possible, small changes to the test occur each year: minor shifts in content, slight changes in question format, that sort of thing.

And even when GMAT bookmakers do check for tiny, subtle changes to the exam, they may not notice changes. Because these books are made by the same company that makes the GMAT itself, they will perfectly capture any minor changes that are made in a given year. In fact, it can pay to buy an older official GMAT prep book instead — check out a site like Booksrun for used copies. This gives you a lot more practice material to work with. The pilot program went well, and the new experimental format for the test has now become the standard. This change as the name suggests allows you to decide which order you want to take the GMAT sections in.

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It just allows test-takers to choose the order in which they take the sections of the test. A combination of older print books and updated online GMAT prep should be fine, as long as the print books were published after You can use the money you save to buy even more GMAT prep material, put it back in your savings, or, you know, be like me and spend it all on Spotify and fancy juice. Special thanks to Molly Kiefer for her contributions to this post.

What would be a good strategy on when to buy new vs. Great question, Madeline! As to whether you can access the online bonus material with a different year, you should be ok for the last couple of years. It is now november Is it okay to use the Manhattan GMAT prep 6th edition and the guides are also from , is that okay? So, as far as content is concerned, the editions will be very similar to the editions. But it is nice to own a book and have as much access to it as you like. So you may also want to consider buying a OG.

Jonnie Peacock provided the in-studio guest question in the form of sporting celebrations. Charles Dance read confusing movie reviews from Amazon customers. The London Philharmonic Choir appeared to sing popular hip-hop and rap tunes in a choral style for the final question.

Charles Dance read confusing online film reviews. The Big Fat Question featured several football team mascots for the teams to identify. The in-studio guest questions were provided by This Morning's Dr.

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Ranj who asked the teams to identify different muscles and bones in the body, and First Dates barman Merlin Griffiths who asked the teams to identify the cocktails he was mixing. Charles Dance read terrible online film reviews. Jon Snow reported on " Milkshake " by Kelis. The first episode aired on 15 August The in-studio guest questions were asked by First Dates maitre d' Fred Sirieix who proceeded to open a large bottle of champagne and serve it to the contestants and the studio audience and Strictly Come Dancing pair Kevin and Karen Clifton , who performed a series of dances in a minute for the contestants to guess.

The second episode aired on 22 August Pre-recorded guest questions came from Jodie Kidd , Dr. The Mariachis appeared to play TV themes in a mariachi style for the final question. The third episode aired on 28 August Two sloths appeared in the studio for a question about the seven deadly sins , and three human statues replicated famous historical statues for the final question.

In , three Big Fat Quizzes were recorded as part of Channel 4's 30th anniversary celebrations, each representing one of the past decades. The shows were recorded on 30 August, 12 September and 19 September. The show was recorded on 12 September and aired on 16 September In-studio guest questions were provided by Kriss Akabusi and Samantha Fox , who presented the final bonus question. Providing the song lyric as news story segment was original Newsround anchor John Craven , reporting on " Thriller ". Bunty Bailey , the actress who played the female love interest in a-ha 's " Take On Me ", appeared as a mystery guest.

The four winners were "presented" a Sinclair C5 by Samantha Fox.

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Pluto What country in May became the first to legalize gay marriage by national referendum: England; Japan; Ireland; or Russia? How good is your Swiss general knowledge? It can be visited with some staff in English, it takes one hour in a group. Terms and Conditions. Dear Diccon, I used the quiz in the classroom as a warmer early in the morning at 7.

The show was recorded on 19 September and aired on 23 September The in-studio final bonus questions were provided after a fashion by Mr Blobby. The in-studio final bonus questions were provided by the Cheeky Girls. Dragons' Den dragon Duncan Bannatyne provided a live guest question. Big Brother voiceover announcer Marcus Bentley read the final scores.

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Due to the success of the Decades specials in , Channel 4 commissioned two additional Decades specials to air in the autumn of The show aired on 22 September The teams, which did not take team names for this special, were:. Anneka Rice provided a live guest question. Providing the song lyric as news story segment was John Craven, reporting on " Total Eclipse of the Heart ". The show aired on 29 September Diane Youdale the one-time Gladiator Jet provided a live guest question.

The mystery guest was Todd Watkins, who gained fame for kissing a year-old woman on a The Word segment called "The Hopefuls". Recorded guest questions were provided by Mr. C , the members of Hanson and Charles Dance doing a dramatic reading from the autobiography of Vanilla Ice.

Providing the song lyric as news story segment was Martyn Lewis , reporting on " Livin' la Vida Loca ".

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In the penultimate round, Carr announced that he had hired the gunge tank from Noel's House Party and the losers would be gunged, however Ross convinced Carr himself to go in it and was gunged by Jet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved 19 October Retrieved 7 December The Big Fat Quiz of the Year ". British Comedy Guide. Retrieved 3 April Channel 4. Retrieved 6 December Digital Spy.

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The Independent Quiz Of The Year Monday 24 December .. Also Available: Whitaker's Little Book of Knowledge, £ Worldwide, what were the top three Google Search queries of ? One point for each correct answer. (note: all names or events are associated with the year.

Retrieved 21 November Retrieved 31 March Radio Times. SRO Audiences. Retrieved 4 December