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The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands

This has been Dan says:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I loved this story. And, to think, such a totally unsatisfying, banal solutions to save the world from both crushing threats.

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The Crusades in 5 Minutes

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Manage Cookies. A Crusader Kings Epic. Things go from bad to worse for Konstantinos. His father and older brother die in suspicious accidents and soon after long-dead ghosts appear to warn him of plots against his own life. Item No. Format E-book. Release Date. November 26 I also learned a lot of new words as I worked my way through the story. I would give this book 5 out of 10 because the story was too boyish for me. I liked the book because we had done a project in class about knights and castles and this linked to the previous work we had done.

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The pictures were very detailed, especially the people's clothes. I would give this book 10 out of Charlie T. It also told me about the weapons that the Crusaders used to win their battles. I liked the illustrations because they told me how hard it was for the Crusaders in their long difficult journeys across land and sea and how hard they fought in their battles.

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I would recommend this book. Some people might be aware of my personal dislike against books written in first person. This book is written in first person but it was only for the better since it brought me so much closer to the protagonist. First person was the way to get readers more involved. The way Davis described the scenes Richard was seeing was very well done and it almost seemed as if I was there myself.

The use of language closed the cavity that sometimes occurs between the reader and the protagonist. Sometimes it was quite matter of fact causing the story to seem more real and authentic. But using this language also created fluency throughout the book, it seemed like it was told by a fire and not like I was reading this brilliant story from pages in a book. The humour was absolutely lovely, sometimes a little unexpected and for some people maybe a bit harsh but I really liked it since it gave the story a liveliness.

Overall I think this was a great novel. Historical fiction with a little twist to the fantasy side. By keeping things real and personal this book captured me and would not let me go until I finished it… I even read it at work in order to finish it within a day… I had no choice but to give into temptation and read. Giving a reader not just a slice of history and a lot of vampire, Davis did the opposite and it really suited the story.

Giving a representative view on the Middle Ages, Davis successfully combined the two genres into one well written novel. Jan 13, M. Vampire Crusader follows the adventures of young knight Sir Richard of Ashbury who battles the terrifying William de Ferrer throughout history. The story is vivid and gripping, and you find yourself enthralled in the world the author has created. It is obvious a great deal of research has gone into the historical elements of the book and this only adds to its authenticity.

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The Crusader (Crusader series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Kathryn Le Veque. Romance Kindle eBooks @ But what she discovers instead is the tomb of a long-buried Crusader, one of the thousands who came to this . I am not fond of historical romance or historical fantasy which this book definitely was. .. I loved the Crusader series very much.

Such characters as King Richard the Lionheart who until know only existed as Sean Connery in my head! This particular entry in the series follows the Crusades where Richard, through his pursuit for vengeance, finds himself following King Richard to battle in the Holy Land against Saladin and his armies.

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Whilst the focus is on Richard and his personal story, this is subtly blended in with the wider events as a whole which gives a wider context to the story and its events. Whilst the novel is about vampires, it is done in a subtle way rather than having any kind of stereotypes both modern and old that scream "vampire story". These creatures are strong, fast and savage, but from the perspective of our hero and those around them they are obviously different, but treated with an air of mystery that I look forward to exploring in future books in the series.

I should also draw attention to the depictions of combat within the novel. It is gritty, brutal but feels so authentic. Rarely have I read battle scenes where I could practically feel the cut of the blade through muscle or the breaking of bone and cartilage. It's grim, but necessarily so and really adds to the realistic feel of the book. Richard himself is an interesting character. You feel through his narration the years of hell he's been through over years of them! This is a hero who's been through hell many times over, and there's almost a world-weariness about him that layers his perspective.

When some of the bad things happen to him and I mean, bad! As the story progresses more layers are peeled back in both on the vampire mythology itself and Richard's history. There's an excellent balance of both that promises good things for book 2. Really enjoyed Vampire Crusader. Once I'd picked it up I raced through it.

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Oct 23, J. When the author approached me about his book and told me it was historical fiction, I jumped right one it, historical fiction is one of my favorite genres…and then I saw the title when ordering the book and was tempted to walk away the word 'vampire,' came across and I was like: I've had enough of these bloodsucking characters to last a lifetime. But I made a promise and when I make a promise, I keep.

So I read it These weren't the glamorous vampires that we a When the author approached me about his book and told me it was historical fiction, I jumped right one it, historical fiction is one of my favorite genres…and then I saw the title when ordering the book and was tempted to walk away the word 'vampire,' came across and I was like: I've had enough of these bloodsucking characters to last a lifetime. These weren't the glamorous vampires that we are so use to reading about in books now-a-days, these were ruthless, blood-sucking parasites and I loved it.

The author did a wonderful job of masterfully creating characters that were true to the era and the writing was so excellent and the plot was so gripping, I found myself, turning page after page. Definitely a good read and I would recommend it to everyone. Jan 07, D. I felt like I was right there in the action. The plot was good, with plenty of action, deceit, and the coming of truth.


There were plenty of twists and turns. The characters are strong and sometimes surprise the reader. I highly recommend this book to history and vampire lovers! I was provided with a free pdf copy, from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Apr 29, Ian Langham rated it it was amazing. Well where to begin? Knights in Armour?