Windows 8: 50 Powerful Tips&Tricks for Beginners

62 Windows 8 secrets you need to know
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See how you can show or change the colors of your Start Menu and Taskbar. Add a new custom color for Windows 10 taskbar. More tips here on how to customize Windows 10 taskbar.

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The Taskbar Search textbox allows you to easily search your device as well as the web. The default service provider when you install Windows 10 is Bing. But if you wish to change it to Google, you can do so easily. The new built-in Windows 10 Xbox app also includes a screen recording feature that lets you record the screen of the active window, as well. One of the first things to check out after upgrading to Windows is how to personalize it according to your taste. Read Personalization settings in Windows 10 to know what all settings you can change.

You can also set up personal lock screen, wallpaper and control themes in Windows Desktop icons help you locate and run a program. Different people like different looks of the desktop icons. The traditional icons are appreciated more. But there are chances that if you install a theme, it will change the desktop icon images too. You can prevent that using the PC Settings option.

Check out Allow or Prevent themes from changing Desktop icons in Windows. Still use a screensaver? These tips will help you customize Screensaver in Windows Running out of disk space on your system drive? This post will show you how to change default programs. Change and use your favorite the media player, browser, etc, to op. Windows 10 comes with multiple sign-in options available.

1. Speak to Cortana

Windows 10 Action Centre The Action Centre accessible under the icon in the bottom right of the task bar serves as a hub for quite a few settings and features. Accessing system properties on any Windows Computer will have to be done sooner than later. Opening the Start Menu brings back the interactive Live Tiles from Metro in the traditional Windows 7 and prior start menu. Bing, unsurprisingly, is Edge's default search engine, but it doesn't have to be. This is an essential part of the game for players aiming to win. Voice-activated searches Microsoft's assistant is called Cortana. See more Tablets news.

This is possible due to the presence of various Credential Providers. This registry hack will let you change your default Credential Provider in Windows With Windows 10, you can create many desktops and run applications from each individually, so that each desktop shows only the applications running in that virtual desktop and thereby reduce the clutter in the taskbar.

See how you can use the Task View or Virtual Desktop feature. Windows Hello is a new feature in Windows 10 that is meant to increase the security of the system you are using. It uses fingerprints and Iris scan to let you log in. But not all computers will be able to use the feature as it needs special hardware.

2. Handle basic navigation

Check out the list of PCs that support Windows Hello. The Snap feature was introduced in an earlier version of Windows. It has now been improved in Windows 10, and called Snap Assist. Use it or disable it if you wish. There are always those classic Windows tips and trick that can help you get the best out of your Windows PC:.

See all these and more such quick tips to a faster way of working with Windows. Notification sounds can be annoying — especially if you are playing games, watching videos, or listening to music.

But you can always turn them on and off. Travel around a lot? Download and use maps when you do not have an Internet connection. The Maps app lets you do so. Windows 10 lets you change the Screen Resolution in a smarter way.

What Makes a Great Email Client for Windows?

The new Windows 10 Calculator includes some new features. These tips will help you use it to its fullest potential. Use the new Battery Saver mode and make your laptop battery last longer. Keyboard junkies, you definitely want to check out these new keyboard shortcuts in Windows See how to create multiple email accounts, add multiple Live Tiles for multiple Email Accounts and more in the new Windows 10 Mail app.

In addition to traditional password-based login, Windows 10 also includes PIN and Picture Password logon for the safety and security of users. While the Snipping Tool lets you capture screenshots, you can now also set time delays for capturing screenshots using the Snipping Tool. Sometimes this is out of your control though as you might lose power or a plug might come loose. Unplanned shut down can cause files errors, Windows errors and problem with your MBR on your hard drive. When you are installing a new device, most of the time you need to install a driver so the computer will recognise the device.

Not all devices are plug and play so think about using an installation disc or downloading a driver before thinking that the device is not working. To troubleshoot a device you can go to device manager.

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When you have a problem on your computer, investigate the error you are having first by googling it. Often the problems people have are so simple I could cry. For example, with one day a lady bought her computer to me because she could not remember her password to login to Windows XP. The women practically had a heart attack when she saw me start the computer and press those three keys. I then press enter because she did not have an admin password. They had made it sound like an actual problem. When people buy a new computer, the salesperson usually loads up the computer with free trial software, making it sound like it is really valuable and essential for your computer use.

The 8 Best Email Apps for Windows

At first it seems okay and the programs are usually pretty good, but then the trial runs out and they start to net you. You see pop-ups asking you to buy their software every time you turn on your computer. So my advice is to not allow trial software on your computer in the first place.

It is nothing but rubbish and a devious way to sell top branded software. Not everyone needs to pay for an antivirus program. This is because not everyone is engaging in risky practices on their computer. Then you probably do not need to buy an antivirus program. A free one will do.

Check out my virus removal software article where I recommend Microsoft security essentials for the best free anti-virus program. People often forget about system restore.

It is an awesome tool that can save you a hell of a lot of hassles. This is a safety precaution that will save you a lot of hassle if something does go wrong.

System restore will allow you to restore your computer or take it back in time so it is essential when installing programs. Nowadays most modern programs will set a restore point for you but we should not rely on this. Accessing system properties on any Windows Computer will have to be done sooner than later.